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Provide a complete set of automated conveying equipment for the newly-built automobile painting, assembly, and welding workshops, and provide technical solutions and equipment design, production, installation and commissioning services for the automobile factory due to model replacement and equipment improvement.
Intelligent logistics transportation equipment is widely used in automobile, logistics, military, chemical, pharmaceutical, animal husbandry and other industries. Through integrated intelligent technology, the production of products is more efficient, and it is flexible, hierarchical, and intelligent.
Three-dimensional parking equipment is widely used in urban shopping malls, high-end communities and other urban smart parking spaces, providing solutions for alleviating urban parking difficulties. The company's main products include multi-layer lifting and transversal three-dimensional parking equipment, simple lifting type three-dimensional parking equipment, AGV parking robots, etc.
The company has first-class spare parts technical team, advanced processing equipment and all the information of the original spare parts to continuously provide customers with 100% compatible spare parts products.
  The company has a professional installation and maintenance team to ensure stable production of the workshop by regularly inspecting and maintaining the equipment and save customer costs.

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